Thanksgiving Celebration

We have had a really nice week of relaxation and rest.

Yesterday Paul and Jeff woke up early to begin preparations for our thanksgiving supper. Paul made corn bread, yes grinding the whole corn himself in the electric grain mill. I heard the grinder go on really early. He baked the corn bread and then used it in his stuffing. Trouble was, nobody liked the stuffing except me. Not even Paul liked it. He was rather sad as he chucked it in the garbage last night. All those hours of work trying to come up with a perfect stuffing. Everyone agreed that Stove Top would have been better. Poor guy. Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking healthy food for a family. When they don’t like it, not only does it not get eaten, but Mom and Dad hear long and loud how nasty it was.
Oh well, everything else was really yummy.
Paul and I are traveling to the Denver Temple today to do an endowment session. He has the next three days off work and we plan to enjoy this stake temple day and then have a relaxing weekend. He has been very busy with work, pulling multiple all nighters, and is exhausted.
I told him I would be happy to do the thanksgiving cooking this year, but he and Jeff had a great time last year doing it, and they wanted to do it again this year. No skin off my nose. I had a great day, caught up, mostly, on the laundry, deep cleaned the living room without my constant helper by my side (Ben was outside playing with his sisters and the puppy). It was nice to be able to scrub the hardwood without him grabbing the mop away from me every five minutes. When he came in from playing he saw the mop and bucket and asked if he could clean. I said sure, and he took over.
Why is it that the four year old is always the one who is excited to help with the housework???
Anyway, it was nice to be able to clean and not have the stress of cooking too. We had a relaxing day and enjoyed watching some football and movies later in the night. Michelle has gotten me hooked on the sitcom Reba. I never watched it before, and she had taped a couple episodes and we watched them together last night. It was so funny, we were just laughing our heads off.
I’m re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series for about the 20th time. I like read the series every year of so. My grandma introduced me to Anne when I was about twelve, and I read that book over and over not knowing that a whole series was hiding from my view. Over the years I have collected all eight books, as well as many other Lucy Maud novels, and they are among some of my prized books in our home library.
All of those characters are like old friends to me. With my favorites being Susan Baker, Anne’s son Walter, and little six year old Davy keith, who provides the humor in the hilarious parts of Ann of Avonlea.
I love those books because I can trust them. I dont’ have to worry about my mind being assaulted with ugly images or foul language.
I feel the same way about most of my favorite authors. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austen, Chaim Potok, Orson Scott Card (I know, Orson can write funky and strange, but I still love his books, especially the Alvin and Ender Series), Tolkien, Rand, C. S. Lewis etc..
Lucy Maud Montgomery understood people. She knew and eloquently described the way men and women think and feel. The depths of her understanding of human nature continues to astound me as I mature and read and re-read those novels.
I wept just as hard as ever I did as a teen when I read of Matthews death yesterday. As I finished up that novel it felt like I had just enjoyed a wonderful meal, it was so nourishing to my soul to spend some time on Prince Edward island with those wonderful characters.
The main goal of our home schooling efforts was to teach our children to love to read and to love books! I often find my kids tucked away in some quiet corner of the house immersed in a book, and it is so fun to share good reading with them.
Andrew recently introduced me to the Eragon series of books and we have been enjoying the story together. I was amazed when he received some money for his birthday and wanted to spend it on the hard cover version of Eragon and its sequel. We are planning to be at the theatre on the opening day of the Eragon movie in a couple weeks. Several times the children have mentioned that the books are always better than the movies, and this has thrilled me to know that they understand the limitations of the screen. While it is fun to watch, to truly get into the minds of the characters in books you have to read.
I need to run, we are getting ready to attend the temple this morning.
Jenny Hatch

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