My most humble and sincere apology to Dr. Amy Tuteur MD

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Yesterday Dr. Amy of the Homebirth Debate blog wrote that I made up a lie about her that is making the rounds on Motherings Discussion Boards.

She wrote:

“it came out a few months ago that “Dr Amy” is on the payroll of ACOG (That’s a lie made up by Jenny Hatch. Of course, if anyone would like to pay me to write what I am going to write anyway, I’d be happy to accept it. Maybe someone can call ACOG and tell them I deserve to be paid.)”

I am very sorry Dr. Amy that my public suspicion of you is gathering steam and people are throwing around the idea that you are a paid shill for ACOG.

When we were debating at Salon last spring, I honestly could not believe that anyone with half a brain could believe the things that you write.
And it was in a letter I wrote to Salon that I first began to explore the idea publicly that you are a paid harpie.

I said: We all know Dr. Amy is a Party Pooper, but is she a fraud too?

Dr. Amy,

I’ve noticed that you don’t have any pictures up on your three blogs. You also have no video, and rarely if ever, talk about your family.

You don’t talk like a real woman. I have had contact with hundreds of women in my circle of life. Friends, my eleven sisters and sisters in law, those who took my childbirth class, and fellow Bradley Teachers etc etc….

And you don’t express yourself like a real woman.

You are a caricature of a person spewing the party line over and over and over in the various places you post and write and defend to the death the obstetrical model of birth.

You know who I think you are?

I think you are four, ten, twelve, fifteen Public Relations dudes from Eli Lilly set up as a blogger to defend the staus quo on the web.

It is up to you to prove that you are real. Post a video of yourself on You Tube. And while you are at it, let us see your birth certificate and credentials in that video.

The thing about the web is, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but if you are a blogger fraud, you will be found out.

Times up DR. AMY, the onus is on you. Prove that you are real. DO IT NOW, and do not write one more word against home birth until you do.

The Reuters UC Birth article is up.

You are swimming against a flood of evidence based birth practices and I believe it is simply time for you to go away.

Jenny Hatch

Since that day, almost exactly a year ago, I have read much more of what you have written, 
and I have come to sadly realize that you do indeed believe everything you write on your blog.

Wether you are paid to write your blog and defend hospital birth to the death in chat rooms and comment sections on newspapers by pharmacuetical companies, ACOG, or any other Medical entity is not something I can prove at this time. It is simply something I have long suspected about you. But I don’t have any evidence that anyone in the medical profession is paying you to write your blog.

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I have lived in a birth cocoon here in Boulder Colorado. Surrounded by free thinking women who give birth in tents, backyards, oceans, and yes, even their own bedrooms. I have filled my mind with the empowering words of the very writers you most condemn, and I worked for many years as a Bradley Childbirth Teacher. I had no idea that in our modern day and age when woman are being encouraged to literally fly to the moon as astronauts, a female like you would be bullying them into “doctor knows best” birthing situations.

But you do exist and you do have your opinions, and as a loud supporter of free speech and a defender to the death of open and honest debate in any given area of controversy and opinion, I have to step back from my original assumptions about who and what was motivating you to write the things that you do and simply apologize for calling you and some of the people in your comment section “Paid Harpies for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists”.

I have zero evidence that you are getting paid for said opinions, and I have zero evidence that your commenters are paid for the time they spend spewing against home birth.

I only suspect that you and some of your commenters (like Antigonos) are paid for your blatherings.

Please accept my heartfelt, most humble, and sincere apology.

It was very wrong of me to write publicly that you were whoring for pharmaceutical companies however much I might assume and/or suspect that such a thing could be happening on your blog and in chat rooms.

And it was doubly wrong for me to assume that you lent your name, credentials, and face to a group of 15 Public Relations dudes who work full time from a smoky back room with 30 PCs hooked up to the web defending the Obstetric Model of Birth in every forum where birth is debated on the web.

And it was further wrong of me to make the leap that any sort of a conspiracy by an organized group of commentators, blog posters, and fudged data could be used to blast holistic parents on a daily basis to further frighten, scare, and bully Mothers back into Obstetric Care.  The fact that I have even gone to that place in my head is evidence that I am completely delusional and you as the credentialed Goddess of all things Chemical should be treated with reverence, as all doctors of obstetrics should be.

And finally, who am I to make any sort of a claim of sovereignty over my own body, and the bodies and minds of my children?  We the people know that we exist to provide you and your credentialed colleagues with a livelihood.  And we also know that if the majority of healthy parents were to pull out of the obstetric model your children who are currently matriculating through med school might not be able to pay off their student loans.

And we also know that because you spent the first half of your life in school you DESERVE to live a certain lifestyle, while we parents in the financial trenches work odd jobs to pay our taxes and the future abomination that is Obamacare.  We know that because we were not smart enough to get into Medical School we do not DESERVE to do much more than work as slaves to the medical model of birth and bow down to the church of modern medicine.

If I can do anything to cast away the shadow of doubt that currently exists because of my speculation about who and what motivates you to write your blog, please do NOT hesitate to contact me and identify the ways and means that I can help to restore your good name as a blogger.

Hugs and Kisses!


Jenny Hatch

One Response to “My most humble and sincere apology to Dr. Amy Tuteur MD”
  1. Laura J says:

    I can’t stand her at all. No respect for her! She is mean and rude so I steer clear of ppl who don’t give off an aura of real compassion and respect for others and THEIR views.


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