UPDATE: (Number 2) September 18th, 2012

Larry Sinclair smacked Robert Stacy McCain on his radio show today.

Click HERE to listen.


Larry Sinclair had Lee Stranahan on his radio show. For more details about this story Click HERE!

Original Post:

Yesterday I received an email from Lee Stranahan and he asked me if I was the person in a bundle of five photos.  They were all of me, obviously pulled off my radio show, and I responded to him and said, Yep, they are all me, why do you ask?  He asked me to call him.

On the phone he told me that someone named the Liberal Grouch had been writing about him and recently had started to attack his wife Lauren. The “grouch” posted the bundled pictures of me and claimed I was Lauren Stranahan, Lees Wife. After we hung up I went to Twitter and posted this tweet:

Then I posted a second one linking directly to my photos:

The grouch has since pulled the photos and apologized.

I accept his apology. Everyone makes mistakes, especially lefty bloggers who have an ax to grind.

For some silly reason Robert Stacy McCain jumped all over my Twitter Feed defending me from the Grouch.  He had started following my feed that morning, and it was weird how he was all over it like rash on a baby and then posted this entry on his blog this morning:

Yesterday afternoon I went to class and when I returned home I checked my feed and one of my personal heros, Larry Sinclair had sent me a tweet asking me to call him.  I did so and we had a nice chat.  He informed me that he was planning to post a lengthy expose’ on Stacy McCain on his blog outlining some questions he had that, well, I won’t attempt to try to explain it, I read the whole post this morning and I am still somewhat confused about what is going on.

Bottom line of this blog post, I feel really sad that my friends Lee and Lauren Stranahan are being bullied on the web. I had them on my radio show a few years ago and they are wonderful people. (The bundled photos used on the Grouchs web site were the five photos that I used in the feed for the show.  Grouch seemed to think it was oddthat I used photos of myself for the show. My radio show is called the Jenny Hatch show, so being the naval gazing blogger that I am (We are all narcissists if you didn’t know) I put pictures of myself on the show.

As Lee has rightly pointed out, nobody cared about his past when he was a lefty, but now that he has made the political shift to the right, the gates of hell have been unleashed and whole blogs are now devoted to “taking him down”.  It sickens me how some effective bloggers on the right are demonized by those who hate what they do to expose the left.

Be that as it may, I have zero desire to be a part of this mess.  I have mostly stopped political activism and political blogging. I feel that it is pointless now that Romney is the nominee and the American People are planning to vote for Medical Slavery as they entrench Medicare for us, our children, and our children’s children, as Paul Ryan said in his RNC speech.  I believe the whole stinking, toxic, health care mess should be privatized, non violent drug criminals released from prison, the money used to lock away non violent drug criminals instead be used to set up free drug treatment centers all over the country, and new parents educated about what happens to children who are born under a haze of drugs.

That is what I would do if I was in charge.  But no, the Republicans are going to Federalize and shore up the sickness system in America and we are going to have another fifty years of The Drug Cartel messing with peoples health.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this delightful episode of blogging drama.  This side of political blogging is alot like a political soap opera.  And since I don’t watch soaps and I have given up television watching to sing in my choirs, I refuse to be pulled into it…

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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