An interesting Twitter chat around a blog post on rape culture by C. Jane @JennyHatch

UPDATE: June 2019

UPDATE: A few days later…

Not everyone who read my exchange with Courtney and her readers was upset by my words.

This dude was quite complimentary:

I had to google the term “Hard in the paint” cause I’ve never seen that expression.

Urban Dictionay says:

To approach a problem, obstacle, or challenge with supreme confidence of success through a commitment to use all facilities available to one’s self to achieve a goal.”

I’ll own it!

Chatting with ex-mormon know it all feminists is not for the faint of heart.

Jenny Hatch

And Courtney followed up with these two tweets:

Note: In this video, I forgot to mention the fourth sexual abuse situation that I have been healing from these past 18 years.

The night I arrived at Clinton Valley Center in Pontiac Michigan in 1989, a state mental institution that has since been torn down, I was gang raped by four orderlies while strapped down to a four point restraint table.

This layering of trauma over what I already endured as a child ensured that I did not remember any of my childhood assaults or the gang rape until I was well into my 30’s.

As I have pieced that assault back together these past 18 years I have learned that a few local gangs infiltrated the hospital staff and used the patients to initiate new recruits into the gang. They had to commit a certain number of rapes, thefts, and murders to make it onto the team.

By raping patients the first night in they were assured that any trauma symptoms the patients displayed could be blamed on the mental illness that put the person there in the first place. I spent the six weeks hospitalized completely paranoid that I was going to be raped and I had no conscious memory of the gang rape until 12 years later.

For those of you balking at my claims I would note that it is increasingly becoming apparent that there is almost as much rape happening in mental hospitals as there is in prisons. And I showed up at that hospital late on a Thursday night before Good Friday and Easter Weekend.

The day staff of most institutions are generally very professional people who take their jobs seriously. But the night and weekend staff is a very different group. And it was into the hands of these thugs that I was handed while in a hallucinatory state of mind.

I had been breastfeeding 100% and had to experience the immediate weaning of my baby, completely engorged, feverish, and thrown naked into a seclusion room for three days, with only a rough suicide blanket for warmth, and believing that I had died and was in hell being punished for my sins.

I refused to eat, so they IV’d and Cathetered and again strapped me to a four point restraint where I spent three more days on the medical ward.

It was a complete nightmare. I did not see my baby for nine days. And then only a few visits for the six weeks I was in the hospital.

I kept refusing to be medicated because I wanted to continue breastfeeding. And finally landed in court before a judge who court ordered me to eat a cocktail of psychiatric meds that I dutifully took for 14 months.

Freeing myself from the clutches of psychiatry has been the most difficult thing I have ever done.

And their are plenty of people, including my parents, who believe I should have been heavily medicated these past thirty years.

Any time I talk about my Dad being a rapist, my family claims I am in deep psychosis.

Anyway, I did not want to leave that part of my story out of my overall message on rape culture that I recorded in the video testimonial above.

Finally, after mulling through the various conversations with the ex-mormon feminists of Utah on Twitter, I feel like I should warn them.

I challenge all of you demons of the black pit of devilry and dysfunction that if you do not repent of your sins and Come Unto Christ and be perfected in him, you will one day stand before Heavenly Father and account for every tear from every child whose family you have enabled to be destroyed.

As you seduce the vulnerable and naive away from home and hearth you will account for contributing to every divorce, every broken family, every woman kidnapped from loving parents, spouse, and children who finds supposed “safe haven” and support while she uses the feminist, satanic tools of booze, pills, and sexual immorality to heal from whatever trauma she experienced that caused the existential crisis you broads delight in exploiting.

The only answer for you people at this point is to humbly confess your sins, repent, and Come Unto Christ where the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the ONLY means whereby souls can fully heal from sexual abuse.

Layering sexual abuse with witchcraft, abortion, lesbianism, divorce, and neglect of beloved children is the pathway to hell. And those of you waiting in the wings to escort vulnerably depressed and suicidal survivors carefully down that path to hell will account for your choices at the judgement bar of God.


I read Courtneys recent, passionate blog post about rape the other day and flippantly tweeted it out with a question, not really expecting a response because I am so shadowbanned I figured no one would see it except those who actually click on my wall and she has so many readers and fans no one would notice my question.

Obviously she saw my tweet and retweeted it.

And this exchange with her and her Twitter crowd is the result. Enjoy!

There is more to the chat, but this was the heart of it. Oh, and predictably, Courtney blocked me on Twitter.

Jenny Hatch


A few more humourless scolds showed up on Courtneys Thread to “set me straight”.

And mormon feminist goddess Kate Kelly mocked, so I responded to her with dripping sarcasm and my 5 year old essay on mormon women being ordained to the Priesthood.


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