JFK jr is Q @JennyHatch #QAnon

It appears that my Twitter account was just pulled. No emails to me explaining why.



Yes, I know Q said JFK jr. is dead. I had a witness from the Holy Spirit last year that he is still alive and he is the mind at the center of QAnon.

I am sticking with my spiritual prompting simply because to deny what I felt that day would be to deny the Holy Ghost and I am not willing to do that.

I chose music from The Greatest Showman for this movie because I believe we are witnessing “a really big show” and the lyrics to Come Alive fit the moment. If you are just now embracing QAnon realities, my advice would be to take a peek and then back away for a few days and recalibrate by spending time with loved ones.

When you feel ready to face it again, take another peek. This is how I faced these difficult truths over the past three years since Wikileaks dropped the spirit cooking emails on November 4th, 2016.

I spent hours praying and listening to sacred music to help ground myself and at some point I became angry and decided to take on the story as a Citizen Journalist.

I suppose it was easier for me to face this reality than your average person because of my sexual abuse history and I kept thinking about the victims. It was remembering the children and their reality that motivated me to just make Pizzagate and QAnon the focus of my work these past three years.

I pray that as those responsible are arrested and charged that YOU will suspend disbelief and pray to know the truth.

In the name of Jesus Christ…Amen.

Jenny Hatch

One Response to “JFK jr is Q @JennyHatch #QAnon”
  1. Megan Maxwell says:

    Dear Jenny,

    I hope this message finds you well! I was a subscriber on your original YouTube channel, which not too long ago seemed to disappear–now I understand. I have missed seeing your videos, and feel SO blessed to have found you again.
    The way you report Political news and cover Q is very unique. The topics, content and music in your movies are refreshing and entertaining. I’ve been awake for 3 years now, and as you well know, the realizations are difficult, overwhelming, but can also be invigorating. For me, The Awakening is iheavy…a blessing AND a burden. Finally, please know that your efforts, (more than any other I follow) have provided me humor, fulfilment and many hours of enjoyment! 🎬

    Thank you Jenny, and may God continue to bless you…in all your endeavors.

    With love, ❣️

    Megan Maxwell
    Pasadena, CA


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