#QAnon for Busy People @JennyHatch A QUICK dive into Human Trafficking #Q

Here is the PLAYLIST of the Movies I crafted this past month to help REDPILL normies about Human Trafficking

I will be taking a significant blogging break to focus on Musical Endeavors and Family Gatherings.


Jenny Hatch


Link: https://jennyhatch.com/2019/07/23/qanon-for-busy-people-jennyhatch-a-quick-dive-into-human-trafficking-q/

2 Responses to “#QAnon for Busy People @JennyHatch A QUICK dive into Human Trafficking #Q”
  1. Fred Seaboch says:

    As a 70 year old cancer surviver I had to tell you how much you light up my life with your video’s abd please don’t stop , with Christ Love Fred & Dee

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    • Jenny Hatch says:


      I am planning to continue making movies indefinitely but this month my sweet granddaughter is visiting with her parents and I am launching a brand new choir.

      I am the choral director at my church and am leading the Stake Family Choir for our Stake Conference in two months.

      I am focusing on these projects right now and taking a significant break.

      I made 41 videos over the past month since relaunching my channel.

      No one donated a penny to my Patreon, Pay Pal, or Venmo.

      I do this online work for love of My Heavenly Father and My Country.

      But bills must be paid and I have to work as an Uber Driver to help pay my bills.

      If you would help get the word out that small donations would help me get back to work on my videos, I would really appreciate it.

      The donation page is here:


      Thanks for stopping by!


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