#StopCommonCore Math insanity – Dr. James Milgram on the current idiocies


“I don’t often get furious about the idiocies that daily emerge from the Common Core universe, but a recent statement by a lead writer of the Common Core math standards, Jason Zimba, got me there.” As I’ve noted before with Dr. Sandra Stotsky (a fellow member of the Common Core Validation Committee), the developers and … Continue reading

Betsy DeVos is Trumps pick for Education Secretary – I think she will be GREAT!


So excited a charter school choice activist and fellow Michigander will be in President-Elect Trumps cabinet! I believe she will be a perfect fit for the job! Jenny Hatch JUST IN: Trump offers Betsy DeVos job of Education secretaryhttps://t.co/GYm5cCLOUS pic.twitter.com/G3fUfDkSOO — The Hill (@thehill) November 23, 2016 Michigan's Charter school reformer Betsy DeVos, also biz … Continue reading

I am in Colorado, so I already voted for #Trump


#2016ElectionIn3Words Everybody vs. Trump 🇺🇸#ElectionFinalThoughts pic.twitter.com/8nnWVwMosF — Vote Trump Pics (@VoteTrumpPics) November 7, 2016 #ElectionFinalThoughts https://t.co/INfrAKL7bI Early voter for Trump in Colorado @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) November 7, 2016 I tend to see things pretty much black and white, very little grey when it comes to freedom. I endorsed Donald Trump early and as … Continue reading

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