Duck, Duck…GOOSE! #DUCKGATE Funniest Tweets!


Hillary plotted and hoped for a vid of a deplorable beating Donald Duck then CNN loop & we all get GOOSED! #DUCKGATE — Deplorable Jenny (@JennyHatch) October 24, 2016 Again, @dncpress and @AU4Change where trying to incite violence with #BirdDogging at #Trump events, but in a #DonaldDucks costume. #Veritas — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) … Continue reading

Project Veritas – Rigging the Election


UPDATE: Part III -Hillary’s idea Breitbart Sundance #DUCKGATE stream on Twitter UPDATE: Part II – Mass Voter Fraud UPDATE Media is ignoring this story! Here is O’Keefe explaining the situation: ORIGINAL VIDEO: Video 1 – Clinton Campaign and DNC incite violence at Trump Rallies. More here:  Breitbart  Sundance WND

CIA, Goldman Sachs, UN…. yep, Mormons are being played for fools


Utah is being duped by Establishment Patsy McMullin  I have been troubled by the number of Mormons excitedly posting on Social Media about candidate McMullin. When my hubby shared this post by Stine, I was thrilled that a fellow mormon got it. I loved this post by Stacy Stine and could not agree with him … Continue reading

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