Book Review – PUSH BACK by Dr. Amy – A few thoughts from Birth Activist Jenny Hatch PhD MH


Dr Amy’s book Push Back was published this past week and I spent the money and wasted a couple hours wading through her blatherings these past few days. She (and the 23 guys who play her on the internet) published a trailer for her book: Be Your Own Kind of Guilt-Free Mother & Parent | … Continue reading

Hospitals take ‘hard stop’ on early elective C-sections, inductions

Beginning next month, many pregnant women in Oregon will no longer be able to have the early delivery they’ve been dreaming of.  On Sept. 1, Oregon will become the latest state where some hospitals are refusing to do elective, non-medically necessary inductions and cesarean sections before 39 weeks of pregnancy. The goal is to give … Continue reading

Bogus Science, sometimes I think it is ALL bogus…featuring two excellent articles by Homeopathic Guru Dana Ullman

I just completed my morning surf around the web. Lots of interesting stuff going on. 3rd UPDATE: Dana Ullman has posted the second follow up article at Huffington Post titled Lies, Damn Lies, and Medical Research Quote: “Modern medicine uses the double-blind and placebo-controlled trial as the gold standard by which the effectiveness of a … Continue reading

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