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This home business run by Jenny Hatch began when she started teaching Childbirth Class in her home in 1989. The Natural Family Company has been the vehicle for her to educate parents in Natural Family Living.

When Jenny moved her Home Business online in 1996, she kept the same goals of Childbirth Education and Natural Family Living front and center in all of her educational outreach for families.

Over the years she has sold Cloth Diapers, Slings, Eco Friendly Soaps and Essential Oils as well as a variety of health products to her customers.  She has taught childbirth, cooking, movement, music, theatre, and self reliance classes in a variety of settings in Boulder Colorado. Once she finished writing her first book back in 1999 she included a publishing wing to the company as her first book was published online as an E Book.

In 2001 she organized a Family Birth Conference and then hosted the videos from that event on her web site for many years.  Since that time all of the conference videos have been streamed to You Tube and she has continued her outreach on the web in all digital formats, including radio, video, blog, and a digital magazine called Blogging Mothers Magazine.

With the advent of social media she uses Twitter and Facebook to share the good news of Family Sovereignty and calls The Natural Family Blog her happy home on the web.

With video views at over a million between all of her channels, hundreds of e books downloaded, thousands of listens to her radio shows, and blog traffic that has at times numbered over 40,000 unique visitors per month, she has been a powerful voice in the Tea Party and Health Freedom Movements for Family Sovereignty

Jenny Hatch 2012

and Parental Rights.

Her Company Mission Statement is:

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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